mercredi 3 avril 2013

THE ROADSIDE MUSEUM, Lancashire, United Kingdom, May 2013

Sélectionné pour participer au projet du Roadside Museum.

The Roadside Museum is an experimental project for artists with a critical interest in the interactions between degrees of degradation on the physicality of their work and the meseumification of cultural objects.

In partnership with Pool Hey Farm (West Lancashire), we are now inviting submissions from those concerned with fast forwarding the aging process of their work through biological and chemical decay or those wishing to submit their work to this process. 

Artworks will be buried unprotected in a field at a depth of up to 6 feet, subjected to the elements and developed from the process of interment. The duration of the project will be 12 months from May 2013. Works would need to be in the ground for the entire time whilst the above and surrounding land continues to be farmed. 

Participants will receive documentation of their work being buried and coordinates for the plot of land. The museum will be sign-posted for visitors to contemplate the artworks inside, there will also be gallery handouts detailing the works that form the collection. 

The site was chosen due to its location in a high water table with acidic soil that can accelerate the degradation process. The field in question is low input grassland grazed by livestock and has been permanent pasture for 15 years. 

In May 2014, works will be unearthed, documented and sent for analysis by people gathered from a range of professional backgrounds with the additional aim of staging a public exhibition. The analysis and documentation of the artworks and the project itself will be compiled in a limited edition booklet a copy of which each artist will receive. Works would then be returned to artists.


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