samedi 7 décembre 2013


Fresh Winds in Garður

The International Art Festival "Fresh Winds in Garður" will be held for the third time in Iceland from 21. December 2013 till January 26. 2014.
The theme of the Festival this year is “Vastness” under the artistic direction of Mireya Samper. 
The landscape surrounding the fishing village of Garður, made of lava fields and pastures, is open to winds from the Atlantic ocean, from the north, south, and west. 
This is the ideal place to watch the midnight sun.

ONE SHOT fred martin

by Damien Peyret ©

Une plaque de gravure picorée par les oiseaux
des masques aveugles pour dames extasiées
une épave de barque échouée dans un phare abandonné
une pierre volcanique enduite de graisse de mouton
des marches en bois et d’arc en ciel au-dessus de l’eau 
jusqu’à effleurer le crâne du géant
De la terre à la mer à l’oiseau à l’homme à la barque au poisson au ciel
Du ciel au poisson à la barque à l'homme à l'oiseau à la mer à la terre

A plate engraved by birds beaks blind masks for ecstatic ladies 
skeleton of  boat stranded in one abandoned lighthouse 
volcanic stone coated with sheep fat 
wooden rainbow steps over water to touch the skull of the giant 
From earth to sea to bird to man to boat to fish to sky
From sky to fish to boat to man to bird to sea to earth

"Masques aveugles"

"Blind masks"

Vidéo on
Thanks to Ingibjorg Kothiis and Auðarstofa Garði
Andres, Gudlaug, Sigga, Bjorn, Sigurborg,
Ingibjorg the second, Helqa, Assi, Nanna, Inga
and Damien Peyret for the shooting

"Entre basse et haute mer"
"Between high and low tide"

Collaborative work with Armando Martinez Gomez (Mexico)
Phare et bois
 Lighthouse and wood

600x300x260 cm

"Á milli flóðs og fjöru" is an allegory of the hard and dramatic process of settlement
 of the first Icelanders.
The old lighthouse´s reality is as an object of symbolic character, 
which marks the boundary between the sea (random space organic chaos, divine, etc.) 
and the land (specific space, non-organic, organized, human, etc.).

"Masques de verre"
"Glass masks"
Terre cuite, grille et verre
Terra cota, wire and glass
dimensions variables

Thanks to Ingiborg Kothiis
for giving me the beautiful opportunity to experiment this material
and make me feel at home!

"Fat stone"
Pierre et gras de mouton fondu
Stone and melted sheep fat
253x 202x197 cm

2 escaliers de bois
2 wood staircases over a pond