GLOBAL NOMADIC ART PROJECT, Itm Universe, Vadadora, Gujarat, 15 au 20 décembre 2015


Fers à béton, bambous
Structure enduite avec un mélange de bouse de vache, paille de riz

 et colorant noir

Structure made of iron rods and scraped bamboos
covered with a mix of cow dung, straw and black stain
Pile of salt

Size: 282x190x120 cm

A giant black mask
hangs from a tree
above a pile of white salt.

Such a strange fruit
hanging from a branch of a lonely tree

a giant black human face
dropping black sweat on immaculate land.

Dedicated to amazing and inspiring Rann of Kutchh.

GLOBAL NOMADIC ART PROJECT, INDIA, 17 november 20 december 2015

The Global Nomadic Art Project, India – 2015 is organized by TREES in collaboration with YATOO (Korean Nature Artist’s Association), directed by Somu Desai and Eung Woo – Ri. There are 13 Indian Artists’ and 23 Artists’ from other countries who will unite to work together in Natural Environments.
Global Nomadic Art Project started as an idea by a group of artists from South Korea which has turned into a movement, travelling globally across continents to re-instigate man’s awareness, concern, learning, and responsibility towards our environment.
Our contemporary world is responding too fast to the growing needs of man supposedly causing an imbalance in various sectors of our society. This thought perception has resulted in extremism of two kinds, either it is taking us too far from Mother Nature or close to it. This project is aimed at bridging the gap by changing these very thought perceptions through various visual art practices. The ‘nomadic’ artists shall indulge in inter-cultural dialogue with not their own environment but the other. Artists shall interact with group of students at various educational institutions and share their expertise. While travelling place to place they shall reflect upon their experiences. They shall spend a few days to make art works from what they find relevant in nature and environment. We have also invited the local artists, artisans, poets, writers, philosophers, folk singers and musicians to join in with the project. These art works shall be documented, displayed & archived for educational & sensitization purpose.
The interest is not to make any artwork as commodity, rather to leave traces of dialogue with nature by creating ephemeral artworks. The artists will listen and communicate with nature through their work.
This documented exhibition mounted in India would also get demonstrated in other countries during the global nomadic art project in Iran and South Africa in 2016, European countries in 2017 and America in 2018.

Site Specific #1

sunday 22 november

Black mud

Shot by Saulius Valius


Encounter with the land

   first plunge into earth

laid then fell down 

four times in very soft almost liquid grey mud 

leaving behind me four body prints

Site Specific #2

sunday 22 november

Black mud

Attempts of body prints
on a soft silt land

unsuccessful but

led me to draw with my naked body on the plain ground

bare feet on soils
soft and muddy
dry and hard
cracked and dusty

 friday 27 th november


Two disastrous attempts to build sculpture shaped animals with stones

as I used to do 20 years ago


on  saturday 28 th november

 ... went into the jungle, in Gir forest

sat and admired wind blowing in fallen teak leaves

a bull skull being absorbed by creepers 

a wild stream passing by.

Experimented the best path in nature is never the straight way.

Site Specific #3

wednesday 2 december


Site Specific #4
wednesday 2 december 


Dug my hole
dug a circular pit with a local tool

on yellow ochre dry soil

inspired by the trap of the insect called Antlion

Dust from digging became the main material

Site Specific #5
friday 4 december 



Isolated on the steps of a feline

layer of red sandy soil on a bed of black clay
modeled a head with it

Borrowed the landscape
on shore of the lake 
series of body prints 
from mud 
into water

Site Specific #6
monday 7 december 

Black mud


Laid down on salty soil

extracted black mud from beneath the salt crust
mixed mud, salt and water 

covered my body with a thick layer of this mixture

stood up and revealed the negative print of the body

Crashed the salt crust with my feet in a circular form 
mixed mud, salt and water 
till obtaining a liquid mix like ink
splashed it on the white surface around the hole dug

Site Specific #7
tuesday 8 december


Borrowed the landscape 
on the shore of the goat’s pond 

three body prints

in sandy soft yellow silt 

Site Specific #8

tuesday 8 december 

Black mud

Second attempts with most liquid black mud 

ABIKO INTERNATIONAL OPEN AIR ART EXHIBITION, Abiko, Japon, 10 au 24 octobre 2015



Spirit of Azemichi
L'esprit du chemin d'entre les rizières
Where the dragonfly dances,
where the spider weaves a web of emptiness,
where the no tail white cat walks …


Là où s’ébattent les libellules,
où les araignées maitrisent le vide,
où le chat blanc sans queue se promène …

Scrap wood and bamboo, japanese paper
Bois et bambou de rebut, papier japonais

Inspiré par le visage de Chuu Gan En Getsu,
moine bouddhiste
Sculpture en bronze du temple Kenninji, Kyoto

LE COEUR DE DRAGON, La promenade du dragon, Les 400 coups, Péruwelz/Bernissart, 23 août 2015

Coeur de dragon/ Heart of the dragon
Branches de noisetier, liens, paille, grillage, mousses et branches mortes / 
Branches of hazelnut tree, iron links, straw, iron netting, moss and dead branches

Coeur: 260 x 230 x 170 cm
Diamètre total de l'installation: 34 mètres /
Heart: 260 X 230 X 170 cm
Total diameter of the installation: 34 meters

Construction process:

Liens vers reportages No télé :

L'ODYSSÉE, Campagne de financement participatif

À vous qui suivez mon travail depuis peu ou bien des années, de très près ou d'un peu plus loin, aujourd'hui je me permet de venir vers vous pour demander votre aide et soutenir l'installation spectacle intitulée "L'Odyssée", 
oeuvre monumentale participative mise en scène et en vie par la compagnie de théâtre de rue angevine Lez’arts vers…

Non pas que nous ayons eu les yeux plus gros que le ventre mais bon... Il faut avouer que pour le petit nouveau, on a tapé haut !"Petit" n'est sans doute pas le bon mot. C'est gros mais ça nous tient à cœur alors...

Un coup de pouce financier serait le bienvenu. C'est par ici !